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Lets Bring Old Cottage Living into 2021......

Updated: May 13, 2022

This proposal is to bring two existing cottages into one while providing an extended living area and master bed suite. The site has its own constraints which provided challenges in the design.

The new extension will provide the new living / family hub for the home while the existing cottage is transformed into dining and snugs as well as bedrooms to the first floor.

Our approach for the extension was to maintain the traditional reclaimed brickwork façade to match with the existing cottage, whilst introducing a modern element with the zinc flat roof and deep fascia which returns to vertical element at the entrance.

Horizontal laid western red cedar is used to frame a new vocal point entrance. with the use of large glazed areas and large flat roof lights the new Living Area and now be flooded in natural light while creating a inside / outside link which is prefect for them long summer evenings.


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